Certified Content Marketing Writer

I’ m a writer based in the English Cotswolds with more than twenty years experience in the IT and web development/marketing industries.

I specialise in writing detailed, long-form content (such as “ultimate” guides and in-depth “how to’s”) about small business marketing, social media and business development.

Using A Certified Content Writer Will Please Your Audience.

As a writer with a great deal of experience using the internet to learn challenging subjects, I have a personal insight into the importance of presenting precisely focused information in a compelling and accessible way. When someone searches for something, they don’t want to waste time on irrelevant results – Google thinks that way too!

If you’re looking to work with a writer who not only has deep topic expertise but also understands that content is only as good as the results it achieves, please get in touch and we can have a chat about your requirements

Successful Content Doesn’t Happen By Accident: Strategy Is Everything

I like to write about technical topics in an engaging, conversational way. I always try to speak to your readers in an empathetic manner. I identify what your reader is looking for when they find my work and reassure them that they’re in the right place to find the answers.

Whether you want to attract more search traffic, build an audience to establish your authority on a topic or support your customers buying decisions; I won’t write anything until I understand exactly what you want to achieve and what your audience will be looking for when they search for those keywords.

Once we’re agreed on strategy, I’ll conduct competitive research to understand what best-in-class content looks like for your topic and keywords.

I then create a detailed content outline for your review.

When you’re happy with my proposed outline I’ll produce a draft for your approval before completing the finished post.

Why This Content Writing “Jack Of All Trades” Is Exactly What You Need.

I have a wide range of interests, particularly in relation to science & technology and engineering. I’ve spent a lot of time studying robotics and drone building, 3D printing, digital electronics, and machine learning. 

As a beekeeper, I have a keen interest in entomology, botany and environmental issues.

I enjoy cooking and appreciate the Slow Food movement so I delight in some of the more obscure methods of meat and vegetable preparation and fermentation. I do of course bake my own sourdough bread!

I bring a much wider perspective to my writing and cater for diverse interests.

In content marketing your audience is not only your potential customers but also the people who share your content with them.

You can view samples of my work here:

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