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Martin Edwards

Hi, thanks for dropping by to have a closer look!  The handsome chap to the left is me.

Recent developments in Open Source web services, cloud servers and mobile apps give entrepreneurs  a fantastic oportunity to build “Lean & Agile” businesses that connect and engage with the world at a fraction of the cost expected in the past.  My philosophy has always been to build sytems piece by piece, concentating on the things that make revenue first.

I’ve worked with some pretty big companies over the years, and a lot of very small ones too!  As a database designer I’ve built large scale SQL business to business order management systems for property maintenance companies.  As a web developer I’ve built e-commerce web services and mobile work management applications.  I host sites on my own Amazon AWS cloud servers and manage email services,  Joomla and WordPress CMS servers and clients websites.

I am happy to work with people who want to “have a go” themselves and will be very pleased to help in what ever way I can.  Subscribe to my site for free and let’s start talking business.